Top 120+ DevOps Interview Questions and Answers For 2023 Updated

A) A report handler is used when a chef-client run succeeds and reports back on certain details about that chef-client run. A report handler can be loaded at the start of a chef-client run by adding a recipe that contains the chef_handler resource to a node’s run-list. A) An exception handler is used to identify situations that have caused a chef-client run chef devops certification to fail. An exception handler can be loaded at the start of a chef-client run by adding a recipe that contains the chef_handler resource to a node’s run-list. A) kitchen is the command-line tool for Kitchen, an integration testing tool used by the chef-client. Kitchen runs tests against any combination of platforms using any combination of test suites.

devops chef interview questions

If you have no past practical experience in Docker and have past experience with other tools in similar space, be honest and explain the same. In this case, it makes sense if you can compare other tools to Docker in terms of functionality. The goal of automated testing in DevOps is to increase the speed and efficiency of the testing process while also reducing the risk of bugs being introduced into the production environment. Functional testing is a type of testing that verifies if a system meets the specified functional requirements and works as intended.

Give me an example of how you would handle projects?

A) Use the apt_update resource to manage APT repository updates on Debian and Ubuntu platforms. A) A data bag is a global variable that is stored as JSON data and is accessible from a Chef server. A data bag is indexed for searching and can be loaded by a recipe or accessed during a search. A) Run the knife ssl fetch to download the self-signed certificate from the Chef server to the /.chef/trusted_certs directory on a workstation. Use knife ssl check to troubleshoot SSL certificate issues
Use knife ssl fetch to pull down a certificate from the Chef server to the /.chef/trusted_certs directory on the workstation. A) A workstation is a computer running the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK) that is used to author cookbooks, interact with the Chef server, and interact with nodes.

devops chef interview questions

Usually, all operations related to DevOps happen continuously throughout the life of software, as there is a dynamic change in the infrastructure. This phase provides opportunities for transformation, availability, and scalability. DevOps stimulates the automation of deployments by tools and scripts with the ultimate goal of solving the whole process with the activation of a feature. In this phase, the project gets built by designing infrastructure, writing codes, defining tests, or by automation process. Planning and software development is the first phase of the DevOps lifecycle.

Q1. What is Chef?

The run-list is important when you have multiple cookbooks, and the order in which they run matters. We are trusted by industry leaders across the globe – from Fortune 500s and larger enterprises, to some of the world’s fastest-growing startups. We are backed by Accel Partners & ANSR, a global leader and enterprise transformation platform. Test automation or manual testing Automation is the process of automating a manual procedure in order to test an application or system. Automation testing entails the use of independent testing tools that allow you to develop test scripts that can be run repeatedly without the need for human interaction.

devops chef interview questions